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Our Process

We maximize a fully interactive approach with employers to seek out, synthesize, strategize and satisfy.

The first step towards success is to properly seek out the essential elements needed in order to find the right fit between a qualified candidate and you. We achieve this through taking the time to ask the right questions and obtain as much information as possible.

We then analyze this information; the job description, sought-after personality traits, team profile, work environment, salary and benefits to fully understand what to look for. Our account managers then synthesize this information into an effective marketing tool.

The account manager and recruitment team then meet in order to strategize on how to most effective reach the target candidates. Highly advanced and targeted marketing tools are deployed to canvas various talent pools, comprehensive advertisements are published, and the screening process begins.

We believe that in order to satisfy our client’s needs attentive service begins from the initial contact, persists throughout the recruitment cycle and is maintained by following up on a regular basis.

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We are located in downtown Toronto. We recruit in the Greater Toronto Area as well as across Canada.

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Be sure to check out the Career Opportunity Listings if you're a Job Seeker. We are actively placing bilingual candidates and would be pleased to help position you in a fulfilling and engaging position.