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Your Keys to Success

Your keys to success


First impressions are lasting impressions.

The following are the five most common mistakes that candidates fall for during their employment search:

  • Using an unprofessional e-mail address for correspondence.
    For example, do not use something like, instead use an address with your name.
  • Having an unprofessional message on your answering machine.
    Having a concise greeting that states who you are, as well as asking the caller to leave a detailed message is appropriate.
  • Sending a resume and cover letter without proofreading it.
    You should always review any document or e-mail that you are sending to check for errors.
  • Lacking the necessary preparation for an interview.
    It is vital that one is well versed in both information regarding the company they are going to meet with, as well as the proper interview techniques required for success.
  • Failing to send a "Thank You" note upon completion of an interview.
    By sending a letter thanking your interviewer, you show courtesy and respect towards that individual.

Résumé Tips

  • Presentation
    Submitting a truly professional and clean-looking resume is essential for you to be seriously considered by a prospective employer.
  • Appearance
    Make sure your resume is on good quality (bond) paper and is both logically and methodically organized. Moreover, it is crucial that there are absolutely no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Accuracy
    You must always present a factually correct resume.
  • Work History
    List only the last ten years of work experience. Focus on your recent and most relevant employment history.
  • Targeting your Audience
    Save your time and effort by applying for those positions that you are truly qualified.

Interview Hints

  • Image is everything
    This is so true when one considers how a candidate is evaluated by the interviewer. Proper interview attire is the first step to establishing both your professionalism as well as your credibility.
  • Information is Key
    Always try to ask pertinent questions indicating your interest in the position being discussed. By doing so, it demonstrates to the interviewer that you have an honest desire to work for his/her company. However, it is best to wait until the end of the interview to voice your queries. Any good interviewer will always leave time at the end of the meeting for questions/feedback from you.
  • Eye Contact
    Maintain proper eye contact with the interviewer. An interviewer can tell how interested you are by the amount of eye contact established. Eye contact also conveys honesty, which is an important attribute to display.
  • Body Language
    It is critical that you convey a high level of confidence throughout the interview process. Sitting upright, not slouching, and standing up straight and smiling are all conducive to building rapport with your interviewer. Lastly, a firm handshake denotes a strong level of confidence.
  • Speech
    Voice and volume of speech conveys a strong impression. Whether the interview is being conducted over the phone or in person, one should speak with enthusiasm and energy. When speaking, use a firm voice to demonstrate confidence.
  • Vocabulary
    Choose your words wisely. Using a strong professional lexicon will impress the interviewer and can give you the edge over your competition.